Climate Vote Nanaimo

Your Guide to our Local Climate Champions

october 15th is voting day

If you are concerned about the climate crisis, voting for climate champions is one of the most important actions you can take to help. We are an experienced group of local climate activists sharing our opinion of which candidates are true climate champions.

Nanaimo city council

(There are 8 positions available for city council)

RDN Electoral Area A

Parksville city council

Qualicum Beach council

sd68 school board

sd69 school board

Our decision process

Endorsements were made on the basis of:

  • Published election platforms prioritizing climate action

  • Strong responses to the Nanaimo Climate Action Hub's candidate questionnaire

  • Responses to interview or debate questions demonstrating knowledge of and commitment to climate action

  • For incumbents, history of voting in favour of good climate policies and funding climate priorities

Although climate action is the focus of our endorsements, we have considered available sources of information about candidates' character and have not endorsed any candidates who have made statements suggesting prejudice against vulnerable or under-represented groups, to the best of our knowledge.